Since its inception, Tremendous has stood out as the premier communication partner for major studios and companies seeking genuine engagement with diverse audiences. Our expertise in multi-cultural audiences is unparalleled, ranging from strategy to creative development publicity marketing an more.

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full-service marketing

Publicity &
Harness the power of authentic storytelling. We position your message in the spotlight it deserves, ensuring it reaches and resonates with the right audiences.
Marketing and
Strategy Planning
Immerse in strategies built on rich consumer insights. With a deep understanding of the AAPI community, we design bespoke marketing plans that resonate, engage, and uplift.
We empower studios with insights ensuring their narratives resonate genuinely and respectfully with diverse audiences, especially the AAPI community.
Celebrity &
Influencer Relations
 Leverage our extensive network within the Asian American community. From top celebrities to impactful influencers, we are your direct link to voices that matter.
Events &
Experience events and activations that bridge cultures and communities. We create moments that matter, making each interaction memorable and meaningful.

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At Tremendous Communications, we're not just a marketing and communications agency – we are the nexus where compelling narratives and meaningful connections converge.

Our mission is to help spotlight marginalized voices in media and entertainment from AAPI and LGBTQ to other multi-cultural
audiences and beyond.

In the dynamic landscape of media and entertainment, we stand as a beacon of authenticity, passionately advocating for truthful representation on and off the screen. We resonate with the vibrant and diverse nuances of the AAPI community because we are part of it.

Together, we navigate the pathways of impactful storytelling, highlight the richness of diverse experiences, and contribute to the tapestry of our collective narrative. We are steadfast. We are authentic.

We are Tremendous.

"Our mission is to help uplift the AAPI community and push for their worth and value in this industry. This community has historically been marginalized, stereotyped, and devalued in Hollywood — and now it’s time for that to change. Tremendous Communications is helping studios be more inclusive of this community, invest in them, and shine a spotlight on our wonderful talent and amazing stories."

- Jeremiah Abraham, Founder & CEO of Tremendous
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